Thursday, December 31, 2020

12 Things of Bourgeoismas (Extinctual Retrospectivism)

EFAC 2020

I had an idea to do this post on December 25th to commemorate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Louise Bourgeois (above), but somehow sheltering in place & being unemployed keeps me so busy?! But here it is, the cusp of a clean calendar, and here are some of the many Things that we at the Extinct Flightless Arts Collective contrived to create in 02020...

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Be Alone With Art

DCAC is still taking appointments for 1 to 5 people at a time (quarantine-buddies, masks required) to visit the Wallmountables 2020 and NanoGallery shows. Wallmountables ends Oct. 18th -- your last chance to see this chunk of rust (with bird's nest, rose, and safety glass), since evidently it has been sold! Hurrah for little red dots!

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Worry Less -- Camp S'more!

Some of the wonderful Burner folks behind Virtual del Fuego came together this August for a small, COVID-sensitive outdoor party called Worry Less -- Camp S'more! I interviewed Diana Smiles and Scruffy Rob to find out how it went.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Walls and masks and things

The DC Arts Center is having a real art show! During a pandemic!

WALLMOUNTABLES is back -- the unjuried, all-are-welcome display of Anything That Fits In A Two-Foot Square. It's like a tiny Artomatic, all in one big pretty room, and you don't have to meet the artists. Er, I mean, you don't GET to meet the artists...

photo by Leah Lewis, DC Arts Center

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Books about shipwrecks (and other books)

Photos of some of the books still available in the C.R. Tucker collection (maritime history etc. -- still in process of adding pix/info here) ... contact us if interested!

We have SO MANY cool, old, eccentric, fascinating, historically intriguing BOOKS. We could send you a random one... a grab-bag... or the exact tomes you have been yearning after (especially if said tomes feature old-time shipwrecks, the Australian gold rush, &/or the Auckland Islands, or are by Patrick O'Brian!)

March 2021: Skip to the end for the current list of Titles I Have Typed (this is most of them now!)

Sunday, July 12, 2020

spring [carcass] cleaning

This mouse died quietly (no signs of foul play) in front of the corner china closet in our dining room, in January -- crawling to their final carpet nap almost directly below the fox-skull assemblage. This forced me to conclude that the mouse intended to leave their body to Weird Art.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Event Drop

Breaking free of safety restraints, the Participant lunges for the nearest pack of cigarettes...

Saturday, May 23, 2020


Tonight at 10:51, come join Camp Tasty and EFAC for Witness: Eastern European Dance Party. Enjoy music primarily by Eastern European artists while watching members of the EFAC crew commit burning ♨️ art.

Morning at Virtual del Fuego

Saturday morning at Camp Tasty. I wake up too early as always, because it's light out. I can hear one of my campmates still moving around, and the hum of a fan, and birds conversing in sweet chirps and trills. Without putting on pants (cuz it's a burn!) I go out to see my sculpture in the morning light. Someone has added a new message overnight.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Camp Tasty at VdF

Virtual del Fuego begins Friday 5/22/20, at 6 p.m. Eastern time

The following schedule includes all events at Camp Tasty, plus events elsewhere in the virtual festival that we'll also be active in (like the Pony Burn).

All weekend (Fri. 6 p.m. -- Sun. midnight)  "How Are You REALLY?" -- Interactive sculpture on display in its own Jitsi chat space [linkage at this blog, once VdF begins]. You are invited to add your (bespoke) graffiti or make other alterations to the sculpture via text, to be implemented by Flightless as things evolve. [Unlike the traditional Temple structures, this sculpture is not burnable. It contains mixed media and is intended to be saved as a relic of our event, ideally even to be displayed at a future Actual Gathering of some kind! However, specific messages that you wish to be transitory can be added via small paper flags we will burn at the end of VdF.]

Fri. 5/22
6:30 - 7:30 p.m. -- Mocktail Hour with Fenriss and Flightless. BYO non-alcoholic drink ideas and ingredients.

12:00 -- Midnight Art -- Collaborative online painting with Diana Smiles on a single shared canvas. Link to communal canvas will be provided in the chat.

Sat. 5/23

(Ongoing / all day... Build Your Own Ponies! -- Everyone is invited to build their own burnable pony effigy, no matter how small.)

11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. -- Stitch and/or Bitch. Bring your own sewing, knitting, unexpressed grievances, TMI, or other projects. And your own coffee. We will gather to gripe, vent, overshare, and/or show off what we've been crafting. [Flightless]

1 p.m. -- Eric Likes String. Eric will demonstrate knots and ways to play with string. (Recommended: 10-15 feet of paracord, thin rope or clothesline.)

4:21 Potlook -- "Bring"/make/eat your own treats. If you give Cynthia the recipe, she will include it in a post-VdF recipe zine!

9 p.m. at the Main Stage -- The Ponies burn!

10:51 p.m. -- Witness: Eastern European Dance Party. Come back to Camp Tasty to enjoy music primarily by Eastern European artists while watching members of the EFAC crew commit burning art. [Bxiie/Filth] -- ZOOM link:

12:00 -- Midnight Art -- Collaborative online painting with Diana Smiles on a single shared canvas. Link to communal canvas will be provided in the chat.

1:00 a.m. -- 18+ Event: Camp Tasty's Kitty Kat Club Peek-A-Boo Revue -- Adults only! (video/music/slideshow)

Sun. 5/24
1 p.m. -- Pet Meet and Greet -- Bring your furry, scaly, feathered, or other critter companions to meet us!

3 p.m. -- Sharing the Outdoors. We will go for a walk "together" and share our respective gardens, yards, or other outdoor things. [Fenriss]

4 p.m. -- Death Café. Discuss end of life issues in a positive, compassionate conversation, with Death Doula and Crowned Priestess of Yemaya, Jhada.

8 p.m. -- Ghost Stories / Weird Fiction Hour. Eric will bring us his voice acting talents and read some spooky stories by EF Benson.

9:30ish p.m. -- Closing Campfire. Wind down at Camp Tasty with a virtual group hug. Transitory messages from the "How Are You REALLY?" sculpture, if any, will be burned.

VdF ends at midnight.

Mon. 5/25
Home MOOP Patrol!

Monday, May 4, 2020

V.D.F. is treatable with everyday household remedies...

VIRTUAL DEL FUEGO: A Free Virtual Burn Space

Fri. May 22, 6 PM eastern -- Sun. May 24, midnight eastern

Our beloved Diana Smiles has been making sure fabulous things happen, even if we can't all get together. Memorial Day weekend, Year of the Purell Hand Sanitizer, will be Virtual Del Fuego!

Art, music, spontaneous nonsense, collaborative craftiness, etc. -- all shared online. No tickets, no curfews, and no ticks unless you provide your own.

The Camp Tasty 4:21 potluck will be more of a potlook: bring whatever you're going to eat, and hang out with us while we eat too! Then, if desired, submit your recipe(s) to Cynthia to be compiled into a souvenir recipe booklet, sent out by actual postal mail after the event.

Saturday afternoon, there will be a Build Your Own Pony event, followed by communal (socially distanced) pony burning after it gets dark.

EFAC art will be featured, probably in the Camp Tasty portion of the online whatchamajigger. I'm building a sculpture now. It will be indirectly interactive and will change over the course of the weekend based on participants' suggestions and contributions. More details in this blog when I know more things!

VdF facebk group

Volunteer signup is now open.

Lots more info here: the Burning Pony Express.

Friday, March 20, 2020

"because survival is insufficient"

"Every Sin But Littering"
My social isolation during pandemic looks a lot like my trying to write a novel before this, but my hygiene is better and I miss going to yoga class.

Check out the above dangerous spiky, rusty assemblage and many other works by DC artists under the Instagram hashtag #SpringCleaningDC between now and March 31st. It's a Virtual Art Market and everything is priced under $100. ("Every Sin But Littering" now priced at $72, negotiable.)