Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Art Ingredients -- Wallmountables 2022

The new show at DC Arts Center looks gorgeous. They posted everyone's names on the wall in a lovely format (extra lovely: it's right next to my pieces :-)

The only other labeling is a QR code on each wall, so you have to look things up on your cellphone to see who did what (& if the artist is using the right widgetry, you can buy the art directly online). 

This means that I don't have my usual DIY labels listing all the materials I used in each piece. The fabulous friend who took the above photo asked me if this was a melted plastic bottle -- it's a melted glass bottle, which I salvaged from an old bottle-dump on a Shenandoah riverbank.

 The old bottle is wrapped in rusty barbed wire, backed with a vintage lace collar, and mounted on a discarded construction sawblade.

Other pieces in the show also use salvaged bottle-dump glass, as well as bones and old tools.

saw handle with glass, bone, found objects
Unseen Toolkit 1: Unsaw

This piece, Brooding, is salvaged glass, seashell (earrings), cicada wings, and rusty wire coathangers set into an old wooden box lined with papier-mache'd pages from The Bible and an Oral Roberts text about speaking in tongues. (I really like this one. My photos don't do it justice; you should come to the show!)

Wooden box with assemblage

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Buy cheap art! Support reproductive health & freedom!

 The DCAC "Wallmountables" (unjuried, fundraiser, community art) show opens tomorrow -- Friday, August 12th at 7:30*.

This homage to my IUD is over 2 feet tall & thus will not be in the show, which is organized into 2'x2' squares. There will, however, be other rusty metal and uterine iconography in my pieces for sale. A goodly chunk of the profits, if I sell any art, will be donated to abortion funds in besieged states.

* This year for the first time , they specifically set aside a wall for children's art. "Our young artists will have their own opening reception complete with ice cream and photographs with family and friends starting at 7:00 PM. At 7:30 PM we’ll celebrate our adult artists with beverages and light refreshments." My stuff is...not on that wall.