Friday, March 15, 2019

Not blogging, writing

I'm tentatively planning something for the DCAC Wallmountables show this summer, but in the meantime all I am doing is working on my new novel. I did hit 50,000 words in Nanowrimo (yay!) and I like a lot of them, but some of that inevitably became backstory/reference, and the actual manuscript is hovering around 65,000 of a total probably 85,000. (I'd like it to be taut and saleable, unlike everything else I've worked on...) So far so good! I like what I'm doing.

I plan to attend the Washington Writers Conference again this May, and I'm also eyeing the much bigger (and twice as expensive) Writer's Digest Conference in August in Manhattan. Early bird registration for that one ends 3/26/19, so I'm trying to gather as much info as I can (and pick up all the pennies I find on the sidewalk). On the extremely off chance that anyone reads this & has any knowledge or experience of the WDC let me know! Fortunately I have crash space so my only real expense will be the conference fee itself, and the "Pitch Slam."

At both conferences I am hoping to connect with other writers, too. I need beta readers and mutual support from folks who understand what it's like. Writing is lonely! Although these imaginary people (and not-quite-people) I'm spending my days with are turning out to be pretty intriguing.