Sunday, March 19, 2023

PdF 2023 & the WhitherVane

 Yes, EFAC* will be on site at the Spring 2023 Playa del Fuego (tickets will be on sale for a very brief window on Sunday, April 2nd at 12 noon). 

We will be installing the WhitherVane, a delightful whimsy that should spin merrily in the breeze if no Tamaquanian cryptids have intefered with the mechanism.

As with last year's SignPostA (pictured below), we will utilize the WhitherVane's pole and its many Attachment Points to provide helpful directions to various major features of the Burn.

Bring your own signage or make a placard on-site to affix below the whirligig. Let everyone know the whereabouts of your theme camp, art, event, or favorite vantage point to witness the trumpet-like song of the burrowing nymphs!

Tall post with monumental bird heads atop; signs below

* Exotic-Feral Animal Containment