Friday, February 19, 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Order Now for Valentimeliness

Contribute to my incipient-novelist fund and receive a unique art/photo-assemblage card with a brief handwritten novel excerpt inside. (For Valentine's Day orders, please specify Sweet, Steamy, or Cynical.)

PayPal $8 to trepan8 at yahoo dot com -- Include prose flavor preference and addressee's mailing address. (Also specify if you want to receive card[s] with the inside right panel blank, to add your own message.) $10 for rush orders.

Two for $13: choose a second recipient (card will be totally different) or receive a second unique card at the same address, months from now when you've forgotten all about it.

Ten for $60 (all rather different) -- Support the arts and send your own unique greetings throughout the year!

Deluxe, Limited Edition -- $14 buys you the Extra Postage Required version. Deluxe collage-assemblages may include tiny bones, rusted metal, fabric, or other found-object elements. Sent in padded envelope.

It is fun to get mail. < citation needed >