Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Saturnalian Excavations: Scenes From the Closet of Extinct Curiosities

Hallucigenia coleoptrata, often found scuttling about in the dark corners of the Irvhaus Archives, is nearly ready to be shipped off to an exciting new home in the suburbs! (Just testing out the suspension... those dangling hind legs will need to be restrained.)

Giant Flea, alas, you have not been adopted (nor ever completed), and we may need that space in the top of the closet. Your spot in the landfill will likely be surrounded in festive holiday refuse.

Giant flea, we never did finish making you, but you will always hang in the Extinct Curiosities exhibition in my mind.

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(Blogging of festive holiday refuse, check out this article on the snowflake-mills of China...)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Taking Flight

This Friday, Artomatic Takes Flight is doing a "holiday party" at the airport, in case you like your art served with wine or beer (yes, I am envious) -- here is the EventKloud link.

The show itself is there through January 8th, 2015.