Monday, May 4, 2020

V.D.F. is treatable with everyday household remedies...

VIRTUAL DEL FUEGO: A Free Virtual Burn Space

Fri. May 22, 6 PM eastern -- Sun. May 24, midnight eastern

Our beloved Diana Smiles has been making sure fabulous things happen, even if we can't all get together. Memorial Day weekend, Year of the Purell Hand Sanitizer, will be Virtual Del Fuego!

Art, music, spontaneous nonsense, collaborative craftiness, etc. -- all shared online. No tickets, no curfews, and no ticks unless you provide your own.

The Camp Tasty 4:21 potluck will be more of a potlook: bring whatever you're going to eat, and hang out with us while we eat too! Then, if desired, submit your recipe(s) to Cynthia to be compiled into a souvenir recipe booklet, sent out by actual postal mail after the event.

Saturday afternoon, there will be a Build Your Own Pony event, followed by communal (socially distanced) pony burning after it gets dark.

EFAC art will be featured, probably in the Camp Tasty portion of the online whatchamajigger. I'm building a sculpture now. It will be indirectly interactive and will change over the course of the weekend based on participants' suggestions and contributions. More details in this blog when I know more things!

VdF facebk group

Volunteer signup is now open.

Lots more info here: the Burning Pony Express.

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