Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Big Flightless Art Sale

BIG FLIGHTLESS ART SALE! The artist blogging as "DJH" is very broke right now, and so we are letting go of some artworks with which we were hitherto more or less reluctant to part. See the whole lot at


and feel free to share the linkage with your friends, family, and wealthy acquaintances! Prices, details, and pix of things are below.

Festering Again!

Denizens and co-conspirators of the Extinct Flightless Arts Collective spent a lovely interlude once again at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. Advance copies of as-yet-unpublished future blockbuster novels were sadly unavailable, but we did bring the bling: new banners for Camp Neon:

and of course we had to represent the Bxiievision brand...

We also met a wonderful artist who does things with lights and sound and electricity and ... well, just go check him out. Very cool stuff!

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