Monday, March 4, 2013

Losing My Electrons

Today's art is by Filth. Filth's prior contributions to the Collective have included co-discovery of Hystricomorpha Philthocynia, early documentary photography of the Cabinet of Extinct Curiosities, and endless infusions of enthusiasm. He will answer your questions, read all your comments, and accept submissions of odd rusted metal objects via the EFAC home office. He is not currently a dandy.


Hair thins. Toenails yellow. Free radical damage accumulates. Blueberries may slow the process, but the direction of travel remains the same.

These photographs depict the routine oxidation of metal, paint and other finishes. I couldn't resist manipulating the images (more or less, as the case may be), playing with light and color, to bring out the natural... Why isn't there a word that explicitly means both [flips coin, chaos loses] patterned and chaotic?

Everything decays, even our dreams. I was born to be a dandy, but look how I turned out. What choice is there, but to accept the inevitable, and allow events to wash over us as metal accepts flame?

[If your connection can take it, click on any image to go to the huge, intensely detailed original.]

(c) Filth, 02013