Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Extreme Forestry Arcadian Corps - Factsheet #2

The Blithe Stinglider is seldom found in the Tamaqua area. They are almost never harmful to large mammals such as humans! (Only three decapitations have been recorded in this area in several decades.)

Due to their larval/nymphal diet of anthracitic gravel and coal detritis, both Blithe and Vapid Stingliders excrete petroleum-laced, plasticine substances. Stinglider fewmets resemble small flared, hollow cylinders with one fringed end.

These cryptids have also been observed to create cocoons or chrysalids out of plasticky secretions, which is extremely unlikely to happen here.


Information from the EFAC Field Guide to Tamaquan Cryptozoology, 3rd Edition, 5/2023.


Saturday, May 20, 2023

Extreme Forestry - Arcadian Corps: Factsheet #1



about Blithe (or Flitting) Stinglider attacks?

Get the FACTS – with EFAC!

Burrowing Stinglider larvae can remain dormant in the anthracitic rubble layer for YEARS, provided that no THIN METAL RODS are prodded into the terrain. Only if thusly disturbed will the nymphs begin to emerge from their subtamaquan burrows and climb to the top of a nearby tall tree, lamppost, or weathervane to spin an ominous plasticine cocoon.

Avoid invasive pokings! -- Stay safe, stay unsecured.


Information from the EFAC Field Guide to Tamaquan Cryptozoology, 3rd Edition, 5/2023.


Drag Story Hour -- news and links

On Sunday 5/28/23 at Playa del Fuego, Her Man Melville will be hosting a Drag Story Hour featuring (some of) the queerest scenes from Moby-Dick. Bring your own banned books, queer reads, drag tips and finery!

Resource List (to be added to, as we get more links):

We Must 'Show Up In Force' Against Anti-Trans Legislation

AP News: Book ban attempts hit record high in 2022

https://marshap.org/resources-organization/ -- The Marsha P. Johnson Institute (MPJI) protects and defends the human rights of BLACK transgender people.

Free Speech Coalition https://www.freespeechcoalition.com/ -- the non-partisan nonprofit trade association for the adult industry

The Restrict Act Bill S. 686 --- https://www.congress.gov/bill/118th-congress/senate-bill/686/text

ResistBot --- https://resist.bot/petitions

Find & Contact your Legislators --- https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/118/s686/comment


Queer Youth Assemble .org


Sunday, April 30, 2023

What? Where? When?

The Whither Vane is temporarily out of order. We apologize for the bewilderment. Cardinal directions are (mostly) accurate, but something has begun nesting in the mechanism... You can still use our signpost to find the Temple, First Aid, etc., and create your own signs to point out your camp, your art, your favorite bit of trash fence. Just...watch out overhead.

Cardinal Directions?

(Emily St. John Mandel, Station Eleven)

“Make your own fuckin’ CBGBs. You don’t need New York. It’s about the people.”
(Patti Smith)

Sunday, March 19, 2023

PdF 2023 & the WhitherVane

 Yes, EFAC* will be on site at the Spring 2023 Playa del Fuego (tickets will be on sale for a very brief window on Sunday, April 2nd at 12 noon). 

We will be installing the WhitherVane, a delightful whimsy that should spin merrily in the breeze if no Tamaquanian cryptids have intefered with the mechanism.

As with last year's SignPostA (pictured below), we will utilize the WhitherVane's pole and its many Attachment Points to provide helpful directions to various major features of the Burn.

Bring your own signage or make a placard on-site to affix below the whirligig. Let everyone know the whereabouts of your theme camp, art, event, or favorite vantage point to witness the trumpet-like song of the burrowing nymphs!

Tall post with monumental bird heads atop; signs below

* Exotic-Feral Animal Containment

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Buy cheap art! Closing night party = Sept. 25th


found object, wire, rose petals, melted glass
Something Must Be Returned To Us (detail)

The Wallmountables show at DC Arts Center has been extended till Sept. 25th, when there will be some sort of closing-night party -- details to follow! Anyone who has bought our art can take it with them at the end of the party! (Or we can get it to you later.)

I do not have photos of the Opulent Tarnish pieces that are in this show, but they are exceedingly wonderful. You should buy them!

My own stuff (detail above) is mostly rose petal-mache and paper-mache with melted, salvaged bottle glass and other found objects. My work also has a lot of rage in it, again. A sizeable chunk of any proceeds I reap will be diverted onward to local abortion funds in the U.S. (30% to 60% of sticker price.)

Hope to see folks at the gallery! Just the tops of your faces. Masks required. I am also happy to do a virtual tour for anyone who wants to "zoom"/Jitsi in, on a day when the gallery is not crowded.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Art Ingredients -- Wallmountables 2022

The new show at DC Arts Center looks gorgeous. They posted everyone's names on the wall in a lovely format (extra lovely: it's right next to my pieces :-)

The only other labeling is a QR code on each wall, so you have to look things up on your cellphone to see who did what (& if the artist is using the right widgetry, you can buy the art directly online). 

This means that I don't have my usual DIY labels listing all the materials I used in each piece. The fabulous friend who took the above photo asked me if this was a melted plastic bottle -- it's a melted glass bottle, which I salvaged from an old bottle-dump on a Shenandoah riverbank.

 The old bottle is wrapped in rusty barbed wire, backed with a vintage lace collar, and mounted on a discarded construction sawblade.

Other pieces in the show also use salvaged bottle-dump glass, as well as bones and old tools.

saw handle with glass, bone, found objects
Unseen Toolkit 1: Unsaw

This piece, Brooding, is salvaged glass, seashell (earrings), cicada wings, and rusty wire coathangers set into an old wooden box lined with papier-mache'd pages from The Bible and an Oral Roberts text about speaking in tongues. (I really like this one. My photos don't do it justice; you should come to the show!)

Wooden box with assemblage