Friday, December 2, 2011

High-school essays? Links to pursue?

We want to do ***something*** on this idea:

the myriad physical ailments caused by the Industrial Revolution (black lung, asbestos, mercury poisoning; long hours, child labor, oppressive working conditions; factory and slaughterhouse machine accidents...)


psychological ailments caused by the Information Age (depression, anxiety, stress & hypertension; seasonal affective disorder; coughing up Infosmog as we inhale every violent trauma of the world's news and entertainment media... 8-year-olds with eating disorders and video-game addictions... you know, normal everyday stuff we are all used to).

Future historians will view this era as oppressive and damaging to the human psyche.

Preliminary artistic considerations include looking for essays on the Industrial Revolution, educational filmstrips, possibly dioramas of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. Whatever you've got that we can pillage, parody, repurpose.

Artistic media have yet to be contemplated... This is a little zygote of a project. (And yes, we are hiring. We are always hiring.)