Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Books about shipwrecks (and other books)

Photos of some of the books still available in the C.R. Tucker collection (maritime history etc. -- still in process of adding pix/info here) ... contact us if interested!

We have SO MANY cool, old, eccentric, fascinating, historically intriguing BOOKS. We could send you a random one... a grab-bag... or the exact tomes you have been yearning after (especially if said tomes feature old-time shipwrecks, the Australian gold rush, &/or the Auckland Islands, or are by Patrick O'Brian!)

March 2021: Skip to the end for the current list of Titles I Have Typed (this is most of them now!)

Sunday, July 12, 2020

spring [carcass] cleaning

This mouse died quietly (no signs of foul play) in front of the corner china closet in our dining room, in January -- crawling to their final carpet nap almost directly below the fox-skull assemblage. This forced me to conclude that the mouse intended to leave their body to Weird Art.