Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Books about shipwrecks (and other books)

unsorted photos of available C.R. Tucker books (maritime history etc. -- still in process of adding pix/info here)... contact us if interested!

We have SO MANY cool, old, eccentric, fascinating, historically intriguing BOOKS. We could send you a random one... a grab-bag... or the exact tomes you have been yearning after (especially if said tomes feature old-time shipwrecks &/or the Auckland Islands, or are by Patrick O'Brian!)

[CAVEATS: Folks are already grabbing a few -- yay! -- so pix may not always 100% reflect the entire and actual archive available. Some pages may have been tasted by long-dead florida insects. Ideas may be considered illegal in certain u.s. states, territories, or internment camps. Postage and barter rates vary.]

"Ill-Starred Captains" has been claimed, but other books are here for the pillaging!

OK, that's super blurry! But we have ALL the Patrick O'Brian books -- the entire "Master and Commander" series (including the posthumous/unfinished novel), biographies and collected other writings -- even his juvenilia!

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