Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday at Camp Tasty

Today at Camp Tasty:

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1 p.m. -- Pet Meet and Greet -- Bring your furry, scaly, feathered, or other critter companions to meet us!

3 p.m. -- Sharing the Outdoors -- We will go for a walk "together" and share our respective gardens, yards, or other outdoor things.

4 p.m. -- Death Café -- Discuss end of life issues in a positive, compassionate conversation, with Death Doula and Crowned Priestess of Yemaya, Jhada.

8 p.m. -- Ghost Stories / Weird Fiction Hour -- Eric will bring us his voice acting talents and read some spooky stories by EF Benson.

9ish p.m. -- Closing Campfire -- Wind down at Camp Tasty with a virtual group hug. Ponies that did not burn last night may burn!

After the First Burn Night...

Untangling the el wire, sweeping up the ashes (& noting where the slugs had their own dance around the ashes of my tiny pony bonfire)...

Last night after the Witness (WEEDP) presentation, Mayor Smiles hosted the second night of Midnight Art, a freeform doodle jam with a shared online whiteboard. (Friday night's Midnight Art had about 20 participants.) Saturday there were more other antics going on simultaneously, small fires burning or spluttering in various places.

I never did manage a "live feed" of ...Really?!, but I did go up and hang some lights & manipulate it a bit while friends were chatting in the Camp Tasty linkup.

(Still plenty of space for more messages on the sculpture's skin! add your status update or just "sign in" at the first virtual Burn. Artist Statement here.)

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