Sunday, August 6, 2023

Ambiguously Available Art

 A few weeks ago I visited DCAC and saw that one of my pieces, "Fear Eater," had a happy red dot on the wall -- sold! One of my friends expressed an interest in another piece, but we were told that it, too, had been sold -- as had a third! (despite their lack of happy red-dot stickers)

Alas! Confusion! When I returned to the gallery this Friday, the previously unstickered sculptures were unstickered once more. A different staffer told me that some mysterious glitch in the "Square" interface had led to a number of false positives around the exhibit. Only "Fear Eater" had actually been sold; the others had been suspended in a liminal state of nontransaction.

I still cannot guarantee that the hypothetical illusory buyers are not, indeed, real -- was it the sale or the unsale that was the glitch? Perhaps at tonight's Wallmountables closing party (6-7 p.m.), someone will reveal themselves as the secret, elusive, patron(s) of my art. But if not, you can still buy the things!

Unseen Toolkit: Night
(not one of the pieces that attempted to become unavailable)