Thursday, September 1, 2022

Buy cheap art! Closing night party = Sept. 25th


found object, wire, rose petals, melted glass
Something Must Be Returned To Us (detail)

The Wallmountables show at DC Arts Center has been extended till Sept. 25th, when there will be some sort of closing-night party -- details to follow! Anyone who has bought our art can take it with them at the end of the party! (Or we can get it to you later.)

I do not have photos of the Opulent Tarnish pieces that are in this show, but they are exceedingly wonderful. You should buy them!

My own stuff (detail above) is mostly rose petal-mache and paper-mache with melted, salvaged bottle glass and other found objects. My work also has a lot of rage in it, again. A sizeable chunk of any proceeds I reap will be diverted onward to local abortion funds in the U.S. (30% to 60% of sticker price.)

Hope to see folks at the gallery! Just the tops of your faces. Masks required. I am also happy to do a virtual tour for anyone who wants to "zoom"/Jitsi in, on a day when the gallery is not crowded.