Friday, December 27, 2013

Stop pretending. Art is hard!

Today I did all the easily crossed-off things and none of the hard ones, but it's Final Friday and I'm cutting all the slack. It's the Friday of my final week at Dayjob, where I did things for money; they are still paying me, for a while, but I'm no longer doing their things. Parts of today I felt as though doing ANY things had just ground to a halt. But then the sun was fantastic, I got outdoors, and the day crept onward.

I continue to believe, because it is repeatedly confirmed, that on these days when my creativity seems frozen solid, stuff keeps happening below the surface. And tomorrow I have 6 hours on a bus to read and snack and (maybe) get the creation process flowing again.

Did I mention that you can load your own documents onto those e-book things? I have a kindle paperweight that I got for free, and I'm putting all my typed manuscript chunks in it to read on the bus. (You can't edit on them; you can only read. So it's kind of perfect.)

In other tech news, I have no idea why the white backgrounds on these blog posts were not showing up in some browsers. Now we know! I've taken away Filth's lovely rust in hopes of not burning your eyes. But here is his post with all the lovely photos:

Writing is easy and hard. 2014 is my year to dig deep. Habitually, I have cut things short, broken off scenes, stopped at the bottom of a page, trailed off in mid-sentence when I figured the person I was talking to already had the point. In 2014, I plan  to push on, keep going, knock down walls, and finish with finesse.

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