Wednesday, December 18, 2013

incipient trajectory 3 & some notes on this blog

Farewells have begun at my Nearly Former Day Job, where a lovely person (who also most welcomely told me not to be a stranger) has supported my finding that early morning is strangely good braintime. He gets some of his best ideas in the shower. Prescription: long leisurely bathing. So much for my plan to become increasingly disheveled in non-employment! Now envisioning Sagmeisteresque scrawlings in soap on tile wall.

We are still mulling EFAC-on-Twitter-ish notions. Watch this space. (THIS "space.") Social media frustrate me by not letting one filter out retweets/shares when desired. Imagine saying "hi, how are you?" to a friend on the sidewalk and having them silently present you with a stack of novelty greeting cards and newspaper clippings before they reply. All those links may be pleasant and/or useful, but they can also feel like the angry cloud of playing-card men at the end of Alice. I am leaving the Place Of Working For Others; I must learn to be selfish with (more of) my time.

At any rate, expect bloggerel to appear "here" at a somewhat higher rate. In the current arrangement of the Collective, any posts not marked filth or diana-smiles are entirely the fault of the DJH (flightless). It is true that EFAC began as a collective of one, but I'm very fortunate in having dear, supportive, playful, creative friends, and these two have become full-fledged Collectivists. Many other folks also collaborated on the Extinct Curiosities and may pop up here---who can say? I love to showcase the cool things my friends have done with and without me, and we do have a little list of links (not visible in the mobile version, apparently, but on stabile it's over there at the right).

Comments should turn up unmoderated unless the post is older than a fortnight, in which case I have to approve each comment individually, which I will. Say hello! Link us to your art! Object strenuously to my unexamined preconceptions!

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