Friday, June 15, 2012

a Singularity worth comment

I already liked him from his YouTube videos, but then while Casey Driessen was setting up, he played a tape loop of the sound of a fiddle being tuned.

Bonnaroo is a big commercial music festival with lots of dust and beer and HUGE crowds (50,000+ for bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers). So yes, I was predisposed to like the Casey Driessen Singularity just because he was a guy with a fiddle and some effects pedals and we could see and hear him and we were sitting on the grass in at least partial shade.

But also, he's REALLY fun. We caught over a dozen bands at Bonnaroo, plus bits and morsels from others as we wandered about; this guy's definitely a singularity.

He has a Kickstarter and I told him I would post a link. I didn't tell him no-one ever reads my blog. But the link is below, in case any of my dear friends want to buy me a CD. Also here is a link to the Sparrow Quartet (Abigail Washburn, Casey D., Bela Fleck, and Ben Sollee).

Fiddle/Sticks kickstarter:

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