Monday, June 4, 2012

flapping shadows of things to come

Against all odds, I actually spent a portion of the Artomatic "Meet the Artists" night near my art, being somewhat meetable. I don't think I met anyone who wasn't already at least acquainted with an acquaintance, but I had fun. And looked at a great deal of art, and met artists and ate their food.

Today I woke up very early with the excited burblings of ideas for future installations. A tattered tapestry cave at Playa Del Fuego... Something will happen, though usually not what was initially glimpsed.


flightless said...

No-one who came to Artomatic has commented here yet, but I hope some will. If you're lurking, drop us a note (sign the guestbook! you don't even need a pen, or a name.)

Anonymous said...

yes, we did eat their food.. I was there!