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This spring we are very lucky to have a new Artomatic for the first time since 2017, and it will be right downtown on the Red Line: 2100 M St. NW. Opening night is Friday, March 8th. My space is on the 8th floor between the bar and the lounge.

This will be my fourth time showing work at Artomatic (sixth, if you count two tiny shows at National Airport). Here is a little retrospective of my and Dan's Artomatic work. 

The Blue Painting went into the first "Artomatic Takes Flight" at National Airport, and then also became part of my first full AOM installation, in Crystal City in 2012.

"Impurity of Motives" (artist for scale)

The Oracule was my piece in the second "Artomatic Takes Flight" at National Airport, in 2014. The actual sculpture later met a grievous accidental fate, but two large photographs of it were part of my 2015 Artomatic show in New Carrollton (and went home with a lovely librarian who appreciated the humor of their pairing...)


2015: "My Novel Is Seeking Representation"

Normally my work can be viewed without supplemental oxygen, but tend to your own needs. (This gentleman collapsed outside the room and was helped to my guest chair to await the EMTs. He received swift and attentive medical care!)

AOM '15 was the first time I sold art to complete strangers. Two of them!

"Rust Is Heavy"

"Sampling" with happy new owner!

"Dildo Mountain," after the show

For 2017, the last office-building-takeover show (until now!), Artomatic was back in Crystal City. Dan and I shared a room, painting my half gray and his half teal.

Dan also installed a secret compartment behind a black curtain, for optimal viewing of his sculpture that played with light and mirrors.

Dan X. Herr, "Reflections of the Current Power"

"did the pipes..."

"Ways To Be Angry #3"

"H.A.L.T. (Sobriety Dwarves)"

I have done more largish sculptures in the aeon since 2017, and my spot in the new show is a stretch of floor in a bigger room. I am bringing some odd bits of furniture as temporary walls and pedestals, and will be showing a variety of wallmountable and freestanding Things. More details in the blog as events unfold.

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