Friday, July 7, 2023

Nutrition Information (Do Not Eat)

Further details of my 2023 Wallmountables (currently on view at DCAC)

Everything but the glue and paint has been salvaged, picked up off the ground, rescued or recycled in some way. A broken and melted glass jar dug up from the bank of the Shenandoah River. Scraps of rabbit fur found in a friend's childhood basement, from a decades-ago abandoned craft project. Copper wire unraveled from the transformers of broken gadgets. 


Found objects, mouse bones, cicada, toe-platform of shoe.



Fear Eater (detail)


Fear Eater [Sold!]

Lotus pod, cowrie shells, wasp nest, found objects.


Unseen Toolkit: Night

[photo pending] Found objects, salvaged wire, vintage scrap rabbit fur.


Nectar Loop (detail)

Nectar Loop

Blackberry cane, rose petals, papier-mâché, crystal, salvaged glass and wire.

Unconsidered Permutations

(pictured in previous post) Saw blade, horseshoe, bottle glass, wasp nest, salvaged copper wire.

All works by Dorothy Hickson, 2023, currently for sale at DCAC ($78 apiece).


flightless said...

Three out of five have been SOLD! Nectar Loop and Unseen (unpictured) Toolkit still available. Also, the main tool in the latter assemblage has been tentatively identified as a sheep shearer.

flightless said...

False alarm! DCAC now reports that *only* "Fear Eater" has actually been sold. Other pieces are still available.