Saturday, May 20, 2023

Extreme Forestry - Arcadian Corps: Factsheet #1



about Blithe (or Flitting) Stinglider attacks?

Get the FACTS – with EFAC!

Burrowing Stinglider larvae can remain dormant in the anthracitic rubble layer for YEARS, provided that no THIN METAL RODS are prodded into the terrain. Only if thusly disturbed will the nymphs begin to emerge from their subtamaquan burrows and climb to the top of a nearby tall tree, lamppost, or weathervane to spin an ominous plasticine cocoon.

Avoid invasive pokings! -- Stay safe, stay unsecured.


Information from the EFAC Field Guide to Tamaquan Cryptozoology, 3rd Edition, 5/2023.   

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