Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Rust, glass, wings -- and paper

 Realizing I haven't bragged enough about being in the paper.

This was in the Washington Post's what's-in-the-galleries-this-week roundup [a few weeks ago] ...

I was pleased to be deinstalling only 5 of the 8 pieces I had installed for the DCAC Wallmountables show. These are the three that sold:

Cicada wings and rose petals on rust
"Codes we know, codes we don't" (djh 2021)

vine-twisted wood, wire, salvaged bottle glass, teabag, stones, key
"[Esq.]" (djh 2021)

salvaged pipe, cicada wings, vintage bottle
"Dwell" (djh 2021)

I will post photos of the other pieces soon (some still available for sale!) This week my priority is to get started on my Sparkplug Collective application for DCAC -- it would be an opportunity to share work and get feedback from other artists, and participate in smaller-group shows for the gallery, over the next two years.

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