Monday, March 20, 2017

We have such sights to show you...

We are hung!
Art (not pictured) by DJH & DXH is now happily installed at Artomatic and will be there till early May. Come visit.
Artomatic specs:

1800 South Bell is right across the street from the Crystal City metro station. The parking garage (free, evenings & weekends) can be entered from the other end of the block, at 20th Street.
The DH2 room is on the 9th floor (space 9609/9610):
- From the elevators, choose the wider doorway. Cut through that room and turn left; we are the first door on the left.
- From stairs/ restrooms / bar, walk along the outer hallway and peer into the interior rooms until you see the one painted cyan & slate, with the tantalizing black velvet curtain in the corner.
Guided tours by appointment. Dan may be in attendance for the April 8th "Meet the Artists" night; I need to stay home and watch "This Is The End." I expect we will both visit on 4/29, and we're sure to be roaming the building one last time on May 6th.
Friends and admirees of ours are exhibiting throughout the building -- floors 3 through 9, and there are bars (beer, wine, sodas, snacks) and performance stages as well. Be sure to check out the Opulent Tarnish Salon on the 8th floor! (8503/8504)

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