Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Big Flightless Art Sale

BIG FLIGHTLESS ART SALE! The artist blogging as "DJH" is very broke right now, and so we are letting go of some artworks with which we were hitherto more or less reluctant to part. See the whole lot at


and feel free to share the linkage with your friends, family, and wealthy acquaintances! Prices, details, and pix of things are below.

- 5 By 5 (Rust, paint, bones, scribble-lace, found objects. 5" x 5") $42

- More Broken (childhood drawing, bones, rust & found jewelry, paint & glass. 18" x 24") $73

- Klingle Gulch (Found objects, beach glass, mica, bone, teeth, cat fur, silica gel [do not eat], paint, varnish, manuscript page) $80

- "The Lost Glove Is Happy" (Velveteen, pins, Nabokov) $9 includes art card

- Louise Bourgeois (with rust) (Newspaper photo, found objects, painted frame) $65

- Motive (found objects, photograph, beetle wings) $23

- Oracule ($50, large unframed print -- or we can talk sizes/framing)

- Sad Clown Do Not Eat (diaphragm, silica gel, burned figurine, doily, bones, teeth, etc. 10" x 13") $45

- Strawman (rust, burlap, crab shell, found objects and wire over wood frame - a bit larger than 2' x 3') $75

- Where We Are Broken (dental cast, tulle, feathers, found objects... 9" x 15") $55

- Dire Whisperings (tiny canvas assemblage with text and glass, 5" x 6") $18

- Brain Spider [makes an excellent centerpiece!] $18 without vinyl-melt stand; $23 with.

- Bowie Starfall (Large soaked, inverted canvas with rust/objects, 23" x 30") $95

- Blue Painting 1: Sub/Merged (15" x 19") $125

- Impossible to Photograph (Small framed thing behind glass. Take a chance!) $14

Contact/Paypal me at trepan8@yahoo.com for any of the above artworks. Other than the Oracule prints, these are unique objects that cannot be reproduced, so when it's gone, it's gone.

You can also support my continuance by ordering one or more Artful Prosecards. These quirky hand-assembled notecards can be commissioned especially for an occasion, or treat yourself and others to a fabulous surprise with our eclectic literary samplings.

Artful Prosecards:  Contribute $8 to my incipient-author fund and receive a unique art/photo card with a handwritten novel excerpt inside. You choose: juicy, spooky, funny, or evocative. PayPal to trepan8@yahoo.com -- Include prose flavor preference and addressee's mailing address.  For $12 total, choose a second recipient (card will be totally different) or receive a second unique card at the same address, months from now when you've forgotten all about it.


flightless said...

All prices are negotiable, really.

flightless said...

Sub/merge = sold!