Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Everything I'm Mending

* (Work in progress, shown) Burlap sewn using wire, nails, thorns.

* I cut the ill-designed bodice off a dress and made an excellent skirt, just in time for it to be far too hot to wear it.

* Old boots, sliced open: Giving up the notion of someday repairing them, I look forward to stitching a Furiosa-esque harness or utility/garter belt from the scraps.

* Abrupt DC summertime: Bring out your electric fans; clean off the windowsills! Dust the ceiling fans. Try not to dust your nasal passages.

* An essay stalled, grinding gears: I cut it apart and taped it back together.

* Writing memoir or roman-a-clef: As if to mend the past, but not in a novelist's way of reinventing and fictionalizing it into something neater or more epic, something with an arc and closure. This is more like golden joinery: mending without hiding the breaks. More like how the body mends: a scar here, a lump of bone there. Altered but healed.

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