Friday, December 18, 2015

Shop Now for Gurnenthar's Ascendance

"Dildo Mountain" has gone to its final dumpster, and several other works from my 2015 Artomatic have inexplicably been exchanged for actual money. Thank you, kind supporters!

If anyone else has small bills they wish to declutter, here are a few of the unclaimed assemblages that survived deinstallation.

"That Was Before"

A fellow Artomatician discovered that this piece looks INDESCRIBABLY GREAT with the use of a specific kind of prismatic "3D" glasses, which we will therefore include at no extra charge.

(OK, not indescribably -- they make the deep murky blues retreat into apparent fathomless distance while the gold and glass details leap forward, "3D-ifying" the canvas to an unusual extent. It is, we must concede, groovy.)


"Klingle Gulch"

Torn from the pages of the novel (still seeking representation), this assemblage is redolant of bad witchcraft, urban obsessions and suspicious feralities. Literarily, not literally redolant. Actual artwork is odorless.


"Like a drone about to take flight..."

We were less than certain that this assemblage would survive the bubblewrap, but it has done so. Nevertheless, postal delivery is to be considered moderately risky. Pickup preferred.


{Prints of Oracule A &/or B can also be obtained, and I am getting into the flow with the Art Cards -- $8 for one, $13 for two.)


Mom said...

Of course I love the blue one! and you really provide 3-D glasses?

flightless said...

Sure, we have 1 set I can throw in.