Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Artomatic in Maryland: Oct. 30 - Dec. 12, 2015

Trigger Warning: Large insect with far too many legs

If you go to the Maryland end of the Orange Line (New Carrollton), slither between the parking garages, cross the street and walk up the hill past a sort of marshy little wild tangle, then the 2015 Artomatic building will be on your left. It is on Corporate Drive, boy is it ever, so corporate it looks!

It also has a parking lot. It does not, as far as I know, have giant centipedes.

(I was actually trying to rescue this poor mangled metaphor but ended up killing it. It may already have been injured by the time I saw it -- in my sink as I was washing dishes -- but its condition declined precipitously once it met me.)

My art space is 6-016, in a little corner room on the top floor. Opening night is October 30th (more photos here at some point!)

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