Monday, August 18, 2014

PFF 2014

Several EFAC members and friends had a fine Philly Folkfest -- drop us a comment if you found one of our cards. We were camped under the big top at Smegma/Neon with the pictured bxiie artwork and an orange neon Smiling Banjo by Evening Neon. I am sure I have more to say about the weekend, and all the fabulous creativity on parade (sometimes literally) by our fellow festerlings, but I am too tired. Check back later!


Unknown said...

This is Julia, the story teller from the Sillyville tribe at Spook Fest. After I told the story you gave me two wonderful pins and your card to this website and asked me to be in touch. Wonderful to visit this site, I had no idea you are part of an arts collective. Very interested in communicating and looking forward to hearing from you. Happy Fest!!

flightless said...

Julia! It was so great to meet you -- i loved your installation, storytelling & your energy. The ghost tour of Fest is pure brilliance and has had me breaking into smiles over & over. The card is by me (DJH on this page) and the pins are neon art by Eve (evening neon). Thanks for getting in touch! Dodo (short for Dorothy or Flightless)

filth said...

julia, i also loved your creepy doll installation! thanks for the story!