Monday, March 17, 2014

The DJH Brand

Hot iron, seared into your flesh... Wait, is that not what they meant?

Your blogmaestra was just at CatalystCon East, a fascinating and somewhat dizzying assembly of bloggers, journalists, activists, filmmakers, purveyors and providers of various goods & services... I came away thinking: maybe my Twitter account (@crypticisms) needs to be under my Real Name. Maybe eeeverything needs to be under my rEAL nAME! [sorry, caps-lock issues]

I don't have a dayjob anymore. If I am very lucky -- or very, very unlucky -- I may never have one again. About now might be a good time for me to rustle up some writing credits and so forth.

This blog will continue to be a Collective endeavor, even if all/most of the actual postings are made by me. But elsewhere in webworld? We shall see...

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