Monday, October 8, 2012

Art, and no fatalities!

The art installation at Playa del Fuego was a spectacular success. A whole lot of work, but the Cabinet of Extinct Curiosities came out just as I had envisioned it. AND we still managed to enjoy the rest of the festival! Home now, utterly exhausted, Curiosities snuggled safely in their cozy plastic bins in the living room. Dented and muddy rental van out front keeping me a tiny bit nervous -- it goes back in the morning.

I will post photos here as I get them from folks! Comment if you have photo links or feedback or want to connect. All the comments are moderated, so you can put your personal info in there & no-one will see it but the Dodo. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

P.S. I lost my top hat sometime Sunday night. If you find it I will give you postage and presents!

... And huge huge thanks to Mr. Darkness, the other Collective members, my Art Minions and the Coalition of the Willing. (I was so obsessed with the art project that I might well have fallen over dead if my Playa Mamas hadn't kept me fed.)


Anonymous said...

It was truly amazing! So glad to have been a part of it! ~diana-smiles

Lorne said...

It was a wonderful, atmospheric delight to stumble into late one evening. The high point of my PDF. A small space that unfolded into a universe of detail and imagination. Thank you!

flightless said...

Lorne- that is high praise indeed! We loved the Electric Heliotrope Theater immensely. (Readers, check it out: )