Monday, August 6, 2012

Roffco Glowstick Chapel & The Cabinet of Extinct Curiosities ALL SYSTEMS GO!

e.f.a.c. has just been awarded a Large Government Grant... no, wait, we mean... a Playa del Fuego Art Grant, for the Fall Burn (Oct. 4 - 8, 02012) in beautiful pH-balanced Delaware.


-- spent glow-necklaces / used cyalume glowstix

-- plastic six-pack rings

Other bits we're also hoping to reclaim from the waste stream as opposed to buying new:

- rugs and meditation cushions (we can slipcover shabby pillows)

- fabric of all kinds, but especially black and/or velvet

- jars with lids; wide-mouthed glass bottles for Extinct Curiosities

- unloved spice racks

- maybe a spare tarp or two

Random bits of carnival-barker attire or related accoutrements would not go unappreciated, either.

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Alexandra Hickson Corwin said...

Sounds fascinating and I LOVE that you are re-using materials! --Mom