Monday, May 14, 2012

"Impurity of Motives" is all finished & installed at Artomatic -- ninth floor, space 187. From the elevators, head toward the Peeps but then make a surprise left turn just before entering the land of edible pastels. "Impurity of Motives" will be immediately on your left.

Clean lines, elegant simplicity, minimalism... these terms describe many of the lovely works in this gallery. The OTHER works in this gallery. If you wish to witness a louche assemblage of brain-tentacles, hallucinatory insects, and the tattered corpses of abandoned umbrellas, come visit "Impurity of Motives."

"Your exhibit is amazingly wonderful. It's back-of-the-wardrobe-out-of-Artomatic-into-a-strange-place wonderful." - Gordon Geise (Fr.Defenestrato Photography)

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