Sunday, April 30, 2017

Status Check - Bxiie

Hello!  I'm not dead, just quiet.

It's now spring in Vermont.  I've come out of relative art hibernation and it's time to get ready for the sculpture festival season!

This is a prototype of a sculpture design that I am going to be using twice this year.  I will be building the first incarnation of this at Playa del Fuego, a Burning Man-related 'regional burn' in Middletown, Delaware over Memorial Day weekend.  I'll be building during the festival and burning it on the last night.  My first burnable art!  I'll be building a second version for an outdoor show in southern Vermont later in the summer.  I'll be participating in Sculpturefest again with a different work; maybe a four-foot-tall PVC thing?  

The last several years I've been incorporating a lot of technology in my art.  This is neither good nor bad; just a thing.  This summer, though, I'm going to pull back a bit from the hardcore tech like I did last season.  The flashing lights are fun and electronics has a place in my future, a bolt in my quiver, but for now I'm feeling like going back and exploring my plastic roots.

The above assemblage includes a PVC piece from two years ago, a bit of hardware cloth, some random metal bars, and a few pine boughs.

Well, maybe.  I've been flying a drone for a few months now - In fact, I've got my commercial operator's license.  So technology is going to continue to have a significant impact on my art this season.  The above image is based on several hundred photographs of Zion's Union Church in Maxatawny, Pennsylvania.  The images were post-processed through a photogrammetry program to create a 3D model of the church.  I dropped the model on some clouds from elsewhere (over I-91 in Hartland, Vermont, if you must know).

I spent some time this winter exploring how much fun it is to have a red car in the monochromatic winter landscape.

I sold the red car in March, though.

I love the serendipity of the burnout rubber mark shape where I happened to park.  The boot was open so one can read my license plate.

This is the Black River, just south of Downers in Vermont.

Sorry for the radio silence.  I'll try to keep you updated.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

never be empty inside

DH2 are pleased to report that we have sold a few things. Artomatic 2017 is ongoing, through May 6th (logistical details in prior blog posts), but the following items will now be observed to sport little red dots. It's not a rash! We thank our beloved patrons!

(Top to bottom: "Empty Inside," "The Galaxy of Rusty Tools," and "The Weight of Perfectionism," all digital prints on aluminum by Dan X Herr. "Now she knows she'll never be afraid," found-object assemblage with tulle and rust, by Dorothy J. Hickson)

Monday, April 3, 2017

Meet the Artists (and the Art)

"Sobriety Dwarves - H.A.L.T." by DJH
Artomatic 2017 is in full swing, and it's a fabulous show. Seven storeys of wild creativity, conveniently located across from the Crystal City metro. (Parking right under the building is free after 4 and all weekend, but be sure to enter on the 20th St. side at the Synetic Theater sign, not in front of the Marriott.)

The DH2 room is on the 9th floor (space 9609/9610) -- Dan will be on site this Saturday (4/8: Meet the Artists night #1) and we both expect to attend Meet the Artists night #2 on 4/29 & closing night, May 6th. Come visit!

- From the elevators, choose the wider doorway. Cut through that room and turn left; we are the first door on the left.

- From stairs/ restrooms / bar, walk along the outer hallway and peer into the interior rooms until you see the one painted cyan & slate, with the tantalizing black velvet curtain in the corner:

"Reflections On The Current Power" by DXH --
step inside and close the curtain for a proper view!