Monday, February 13, 2017

DH2 in the [abandoned office building]...

Artomatic 2017 is in the planning stages! We will be back in Crystal City, right across from the metro, March 24 through May 6.

It's a weird disused office space now, but soon it will be preposterously transformed... Come and see!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I wrote this thing. It was therapeutic to write. I feel super weird about promoting it. Click here (trigger warnings: sexual assault; incipient regime).

I did not know anything about getting webzine-published; it was already live before I asked about non-stock photographs. I would probably have used this one? Which may explain why I am not editor of a webzine.

Monday, December 5, 2016

fresh layers of alienation

Things look bleak. Days darken. "Wintry mix" creeps into the forecast. (Plus other things we don't talk about "collective"ly.) Art is still "why I get up in the morning" (ani d.), and I have secret, personal projects brewing. There is a happy rumor of Artomatic 2017, back in metro-accessible regions. Good stuff still happens. Fiercely splendid stuff will be going to happen.

I continue to resent and distrust Facebook, and also continue to use it, but you can also follow me / get my EFAC updates on Twitter or Instagram: @dorothyjhickson. My quieter friends still have IG accounts also -- danxherr, bxiie, and filthyrusty. Diana-Smiles can be found at Playa Del Fuego, which is a real event in the Big Room, amongst living, three-dimensional, not-a-sentient-swarm-of-bees, actual human artists under the actual sky. Perhaps I too will venture out there again, but even more probably you can find me at the next Artomatic in Crystal City or similar semi-real place.

Big Flightless Art Sale continues, now with free (collaged/creatively recycled) giftwrap! Hit me up for custom art cards as well. I can also create a special announcement card if you are making a donation to a Good Cause this winter in some lovely person's name.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Deaccessioning / Art Sale continues

20% off! 50% off!! Make an offer!!!

Check the previous post for updates as inventory dwindles (I have sold something, *and* I threw something out).

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Big Flightless Art Sale

BIG FLIGHTLESS ART SALE! The artist blogging as "DJH" is very broke right now, and so we are letting go of some artworks with which we were hitherto more or less reluctant to part. See the whole lot at 

and feel free to share the linkage with your friends, family, and wealthy acquaintances! Prices, details, and pix of things are below.

Festering Again!

Denizens and co-conspirators of the Extinct Flightless Arts Collective spent a lovely interlude once again at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. Advance copies of as-yet-unpublished future blockbuster novels were sadly unavailable, but we did bring the bling: new banners for Camp Neon:

and of course we had to represent the Bxiievision brand...

We also met a wonderful artist who does things with lights and sound and electricity and ... well, just go check him out. Very cool stuff! "bringing tech to life"

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Down to the Wire

Here we see the electronic components of a single pod. 576 LEDs, two 20 amp/100 watt 12 volt -> 5 volt converters, a bunch of wire and connectors, and a microcontroller...  In this case, an Arduino Uno. The finished work for Sculpturefest will include four pods for a total of 2,304 LEDs.  One microcontroller will direct all four pods.

In addition to the electronics, each pod will be comprised of metal mesh, four 3D-printed plastic spacers, and 640 square inches of clear woven diffusers repurposed from two-liter plastic bottles.
As you might notice, this portion of lights, those that are lit, are drawing less than an amp of 12v power but are overdriving my phone's camera. 

My prosumer bench power supply maxes out at 4.5 amps at which point the LEDs are incredibly bright. The LEDs and the DC converters (seen in the foreground) still have a lot of headroom as evidenced by flickering when I try for full white. Unfortunately, I can't coax more power from my bench supply so I can't fully drive these LED strips.


Once I have the final power supply in place, I'll be able to signal directly to extraterrestrial cultures.

These bright lights won't be used at Woodstock's Sculpturefest, opening next month. There, the lights should be constrained; not draw attention from other works but be apparent to viewers of the piece itself as part of the aspect of the work.  The electronics include a dimmer on the outside of the device to facilitate balance.

There are other venues where the ability to brighten things up might be more appropriate and I expect to take this work to those places.

At each venue the brightness will have an impact on the surroundings so it is possible that the dimmer will be placed in such a way that it will be operable by persons observing the piece, to allow the viewer to adjust the brightness to complement their experience.

I have about 20 days to get this piece installed in Woodstock. At this point, I've completed prototypes of all of the major physical, electronic, and software components. The overall design is done; almost all of the ingredients have been acquired or are on their way. Coming up is a period of frenzied art production and installation.

There are still a few mundane structural items that need to be thought through and designed... But those will come in time.

I still have two significant technical challenges that need to be successfully addressed to support the design-specified number of LEDs.  Tomorrow night I'll be working on moving the deployment platform for LED control from the Arduino Uno to the Teensy 3.2. The Teensy supposedly works in the Arduino ecosystem. After that, I'll be migrating the LED hardware from APA102C, DotStar, to WS2812, NeoPixel. Hopefully that will be nearly seamless, too.  Once those two tasks are completed I will be able to run all 2,304 lamps from a single microcontroller.