Monday, March 20, 2017

We have such sights to show you...

We are hung! Art (not pictured) by DJH & DXH is now happily installed at Artomatic and will be there till early May. Come visit.

Artomatic specs:

1800 South Bell is right across the street from the Crystal City metro station. The parking garage (free, evenings & weekends) can be entered from the other end of the block, at 20th Street.

The DH2 room is on the 9th floor (space 9609/9610):

- From the elevators, choose the wider doorway. Cut through that room and turn left; we are the first door on the left.

- From stairs/ restrooms / bar, walk along the outer hallway and peer into the interior rooms until you see the one painted cyan & slate, with the tantalizing black velvet curtain in the corner.

Guided tours by appointment. Dan may be in attendance for the April 8th "Meet the Artists" night; I need to stay home and watch "This Is The End." I expect we will both visit on 4/29, and we're sure to be roaming the building one last time on May 6th.

Friends and admirees of ours are exhibiting throughout the building -- floors 3 through 9, and there are bars (beer, wine, sodas, snacks) and performance stages as well. Be sure to check out the Opulent Tarnish Salon on the 8th floor! (8503/8504)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

"The thing was generally complete, but the twisted crystalline bars lay unfinished upon the bench..." (H.G. Wells, The Time Machine)

DH2 are hard at work - we have chosen our room (9609/9610, ninth floor) in the new Artomatic building in Crystal City (1800 S. Bell Street, right across from the metro). We have sketched out the space on graph paper. We have financed the mixing of paints. (Now what's that sound from under the door? What the hell is he building in there?)

Dan's Instagram page is here and below is one of his fabulous aluminum prints. Come to Artomatic to check out the rest, and to find out what he's building in there....

I have a lot going on too, but just at the moment I'm nostalgic for my first Artomatic installation in Crystal City, so here is a picture of that (photo by filthyrusty). It's not going to look like this.

Come see us, and our stuff! Artomatic 2017 opens on March 24th and runs Wed-Sun till May 6th. (It is free to get in, and the parking garage is free on weekends. The show's hours are Wed/Thu 12-10, Fri/Sat 12-12, Sun 12-8.)

Monday, February 13, 2017

DH2 in the [abandoned office building]...

Artomatic 2017 is in the planning stages! We will be back in Crystal City, right across from the metro, March 24 through May 6.

It's a weird disused office space now, but soon it will be preposterously transformed... Come and see!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I wrote this thing. It was therapeutic to write. I feel super weird about promoting it. Click here (trigger warnings: sexual assault; incipient regime).

I did not know anything about getting webzine-published; it was already live before I asked about non-stock photographs. I would probably have used this one? Which may explain why I am not editor of a webzine.

Monday, December 5, 2016

fresh layers of alienation

Things look bleak. Days darken. "Wintry mix" creeps into the forecast. (Plus other things we don't talk about "collective"ly.) Art is still "why I get up in the morning" (ani d.), and I have secret, personal projects brewing. There is a happy rumor of Artomatic 2017, back in metro-accessible regions. Good stuff still happens. Fiercely splendid stuff will be going to happen.

I continue to resent and distrust Facebook, and also continue to use it, but you can also follow me / get my EFAC updates on Twitter or Instagram: @dorothyjhickson. My quieter friends still have IG accounts also -- danxherr, bxiie, and filthyrusty. Diana-Smiles can be found at Playa Del Fuego, which is a real event in the Big Room, amongst living, three-dimensional, not-a-sentient-swarm-of-bees, actual human artists under the actual sky. Perhaps I too will venture out there again, but even more probably you can find me at the next Artomatic in Crystal City or similar semi-real place.

Big Flightless Art Sale continues, now with free (collaged/creatively recycled) giftwrap! Hit me up for custom art cards as well. I can also create a special announcement card if you are making a donation to a Good Cause this winter in some lovely person's name.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Deaccessioning / Art Sale continues

20% off! 50% off!! Make an offer!!!

Check the previous post for updates as inventory dwindles (I have sold something, *and* I threw something out).

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Big Flightless Art Sale

BIG FLIGHTLESS ART SALE! The artist blogging as "DJH" is very broke right now, and so we are letting go of some artworks with which we were hitherto more or less reluctant to part. See the whole lot at 

and feel free to share the linkage with your friends, family, and wealthy acquaintances! Prices, details, and pix of things are below.