Thursday, October 29, 2015

Artomatic 2015: My Novel Is Seeking Representation

The "Artist Statement" is true: I have a novel in search of an agent. It spans the genres of fantasy and literary fiction to explore the realms of magic and skepticism, sex and other intoxicants, ancient powers and corporate propaganda. (My fangirl crushes include Ursula LeGuin, Tim Powers, Margaret Atwood, and David Foster Wallace.) A tiny sliver of the story may be found here: Agents, publishers, and rich patrons of the arts are invited to email me at trepan8 @ for a synopsis, sample chapters, SASE, and/or the whole manuscript.

You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram @dorothyjhickson (note the middle initial J).

My space at Artomatic is 6-016, in a tiny corner room on the fourth floor -- right behind Eye of Ra's nude photos.

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