Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Artomatic 2024

portrait of the artist (my face, smiling a little, in a sort of golden light)
Dorothy Hickson
Thank you for checking out my work at Artomatic 2024! To purchase a piece, you can do any of the following:

--- paypal:
--- venmo:  @ExtinctFlightless
--- email:
--- leave a comment to this post

(Include the title of the piece, as well as the best way to contact you. Please double-check below to make sure it is still available.)

--- or find me on-site!

I hope to be at "Meet the Artists" on April 13, and will be in the building exploring with friends on 4/20 and closing weekend.

My space is #802, on the eighth floor between the bar and the lounge. (Turn right at the gryphon chaise longue!)

Details on each piece in the show:

Left side:

$60  SOLD
Papier-mâché, copper, wire, found objects, paint.

Tornado Factory
$150 SOLD
Defunct motor, glass vitrine, springs, found objects, wire, paint, rusty nuts and bolts.

Glass vitrine, bones, tree ear fungus, wasp nest, milkweed pod, tree buds, vine pod skeleton, seashells.

Papier-mâché, rusty metal, salvaged wire, paint, lotus pod, crystals, oven-crackled marbles, spent holiday lightbulbs, lace.

Crikey, Is That The Time?
Quiescent clock, found objects, digital photograph, vine stump, burnt steel cicada wing, wire, chain, vintage key.

Window wall:

Ways To Be Angry #4.5
Boxspring, found objects, knitting.

I Seem To Be A Tripod
$23 SOLD
Salvaged furniture wood, vintage tool, wire, rusty metal, musical instrument parts.

Moon Box
$80 SOLD
Vintage crate, found objects, salvaged bone, wood, wire, book paper.

Arctangent (For JBH) -- Not For Sale

Abandoned Greenhouse
$48 SOLD
Digital photograph, vintage frame.

Found objects, salvaged wire, saw blade, vintage lace.

Auntie K’s Dose
$48 SOLD
Salvaged bottle glass, clock parts, chain, wire, key, found objects, paint, silk.

Unseen Toolkit: Saw
Saw handle, wire, salvaged glass, deer bone.

Tribute (For Patti Smith)
Handmade vintage table-tray, vintage clip earrings, Patti Smith Group: Wave (1979)*, mummified rat foot**, found objects, copper transformer wire, black notebook spirals, lace.

* LP record is intact within sleeve and (theoretically) playable. Fidelity not guaranteed.

** Rat foot attached with hot glue, removable. Nothing is permanent; rework as needed. Assemblage is otherwise vegan-friendly.   

If We All Go
$48 SOLD 
Maryland blue crab shell, seed husks, papier-mâché, found objects, cable, key.

Salvaged painting, window screen, pages from Macbeth, bone, seed, zipper, wax, copper wire, paint, varnish, nails and rusty metal.

War Zone
$80 SOLD
Papier-mâché, lace, barbed wire, bur oak acorn, velvet.

Vintage wooden crate, papier-mâché, salvaged glass, wire, seashell, Brood X Magicicada wings.

Guitar case, salvaged glass, rusty metal, wire.

Right side:

(Original sculpture appeared in “Artomatic Takes Flight,” before losing an un-aeronautics-related quarrel with gravity.) Signed digital print.

Temporarily Removed
Conceptual art. I include one of these in every Artomatic show. They represent titles that never quite made themselves physical.

Angie Delicious
Rags, paint, cardboard, rusty metal, beads, eyeglass parts, steel screen, yarn, found objects, salvaged wire.

Auntie Kytherine
Wooden box, rusty metal objects, salvaged copper wire, silk, cotton, excelsior.

$80 SOLD 
Vitrine, cheese tray, paint, salvaged metal and wire, rat skull, fox pelvis.

Tooth & Nail
Glass cabinet, salvaged fence wire, papier-mâché, nails, yarn, found objects, teeth, bone.

Front center:

Prescription pill bottles, railroad spikes, wire, crutch packing tape.

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